Metro Professional Services has an existing Subcontract that supports the Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) Academic/Research Centers Educational and Support Contract at the Air Force Culture & Language Center at Maxwell AFB, AL. The Academic Centers accomplish their missions through several functional areas to include Outreach Support.


Develop and coordinate key outreach messages and provide input to key themes. Provide development assistance for the CSP (Cultural Studies Project). to include outreach. Provide the Client’s Outreach and Public Affairs support in coordination with AU/Public Affairs, other DoD agencies, and commercial news sources, as appropriate. Craft, edit, coordinate, and disseminate outreach and media products, to include a weekly CSDS (Center for Strategic Deterrence Studies) Outreach Journal, a quarterly electronic AFCLC Newsletter, and other outreach products and resources as appropriate. Continually update and maintain list of Client contact databases (to include stakeholders, alumni, sponsors, and others as deemed appropriate) and ensure they receive pertinent media and/or outreach products. Identify, recommend, and implement viable new technologies and capabilities to improve process effectiveness and efficiency. Provide LEAP board preparations consisting of announcement message release via the Air Force portal, social media, global AF emails, and public media. Assist Client with maintaining social media pages including acting as Administrator to allow participants access to the site and help maintain contact. Augment the Client’s capability to document/record mission related activities via photographic and video media for the creation, production and dissemination of relevant messaging via appropriate channels such as the Air Force portal, social media, and public media (e.g. the Client’s website, Facebook Live Stream, etc.) PAC (Pre-Deployment Acculturation Course). Provide for outreach coordination and/or performance of media engagements with attending students and submit articles for publication. In coordination with the course director and academic advisor, compile a continuity book for each attending student. Add each PAC participant to AFCLC’s mailing list (includes the name, rank, position, email address, and contact number). Provide for additional miscellaneous media support as needed. Provide inputs for, participate in, and execute guidance from periodic Outreach Requirements Panel (ORP) process. Access and utilize LEADeR to gather information on language course participants for story development and other outreach efforts.


Bachelor’s Degree



Certified in Microsoft Office 2019 Word and Outlook or perform to that level of proficiency.

Strong background and experience with public relations and have an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR)

Ability to craft, edit, coordinate, and disseminate outreach and media products in support of outreach journals, electronic newsletters, and other outreach products and resources.

Ability to update and maintain list of contact databases to ensure that designated people or groups
receive pertinent media and/or outreach product.

Demonstrated initiative in being proactive, set priorities, and meet suspense dates. Ability to interact on a professional level with managers, clients, and all personnel.

Ability to work well independently; demonstrated creativity, self-discipline, and organization.

Prior experience working in the military adult education environment; familiarity with language training programs.

We have a current opening for this position.  Please apply by submitting your resume to Mr. Mark Davis at [email protected]. From there, we will send you the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the contract to provide you with further information regarding the position.