SOUTHCOM SME Research Analyst

Metro Professional Services has an existing contract at the Air Force Language & Culture Center at Maxwell AFB, AL. We provide subject matter experts up to and including the doctorate level (via reach-back) to perform research that the Client will use to develop policy and strategy on topics specifically requested by the Client.


Analyze specific subject areas by researching issues of interest for the Client, as related to their chartered missions.

Research Issues of Interest: Conduct research on broad cultural, regional, and language topics. Identify the competencies needed in these areas for students to meet current and future tactical, operational, and strategic requirements, the current shortfalls, and courses of action to address those shortfalls.

Provide support to Client staff, to include providing SOUTHCOM SME research assistance oversight to students and faculty.


Doctoral Degree



Strong background and experience in conducting research and documenting published sources into a Bibliography format.

Strong content development skills and abilities and working knowledge of curriculum learning management systems.

Ability to teach in the academic environment and prepare/produce syllabi, lesson plans, and assessments. Deliver instruction in a lecture and seminar formats.

Exceptional proficiency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Navigate and utilize Blackboard and IMI educational platforms as needed.

Ability to understand and produce reports and professional/informative abstracts; ability to set priorities and meet deadlines.

Demonstrated initiative in being proactive. Ability to interact on a professional level with managers, clients, and all personnel.

Ability to work well independently; demonstrated creativity, self-discipline, and organization.


Prior experience working in the military adult education environment; familiarity with language training programs.

Please apply by submitting your resume to [email protected]. From there, we will send you the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the contract to provide you with further information regarding the position.