SBIR Support / Accounting Clerk for GSA

Metro Professional Services is providing support to the General Services Administration/Fleet Acquisition Service (GSA/FAS).  We are providing Accounting Clerk III services at two separate locations, which are our Fairborn, OH and O'Fallon, IL.  We're currently accepting resumes for a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Support / Accounting Clerk hybrid position for either Fairborn, OH or O'Fallon, IL.


For the SBIR Support, the candidate will support the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Team, which is a part of the Assisted Acquisition Services Division.  Primary focus will be maintaining a SBIR email account, establish and maintain spreadsheets for the purpose of tracking potential new clients, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, and attending meetings when required.  Mastery in using the Google platform for documents, spreadsheets, calendars, and establishing video calls is preferred.  Experience in accounting for the purpose of conducting invoice reviews using prescribed methods is a plus.

For the Accounting Clerk, the candidate will operate PCs to enter, store, retrieve, change, and present images, text or tabulations, including typing from rough drafts to include software such as Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Power Point, Gmail Email, Google Calendar, and Google Apps.

The primary role will be the SBIR Support, but there will also be the Accounting Clerk duties in addition to supplement any downtime for the primary role.


No education requirements are listed, a bachelor’s degree is highly preferred


Proficient in the use of word processing software used on personal computers or similar equipment and be familiar with the Windows operating system. GSA uses the Google Platform which consists of Google Docs, Worksheets, PowerPoint, Gmail, Google Meet, and Google Chat.

Good interpersonal relationship skills, be able to effectively communicate both orally and in writing and have a basic familiarity with general office procedures.

All candidates must be able to pass a Federal Background Check, with Favorable results.

All candidates must be able to pass a Federal Background Check, with Favorable results received.

The SBIR Support / Accounting Clerk position is for either location of O'Fallon, IL or Fairborn, OH.

Please apply by submitting your resume to [email protected]. From there, we will send you the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the contract to provide you with further information regarding the position.