Cyber Operations Formal Training Support III

Metro Professional Services, and partnering company Saguaro Business Solutions, is currently bidding for the Cyber Operations Formal Training Support III contract for the Air Force Space Command in Hurlburt Field, FL.


This contract provides subject matter expertise (SME) and other essential capabilities to augment and support the 39 IOS, Hurlburt Field, FL and the 39 IOS, Detachment 1, Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) TX in conducting its mission of CyO and IO Initial Qualification Training (IQT) in support of AFSPC, Air Force Cyber (AFCYBER), US Cyber Command (USCC), and the US Government.

If we win, we will augment and support the 39th IOS to include course planning, administrative support, technical writing, course development, project management, instructor training, student mission training systems administration, network system administration, training range engineering maintenance and management, computer help desk support, and hardware/infrastructure maintenance.

Professional Technical Instructor/Developer/ Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate CyO and IO Curriculum:

CyO and IO instructors are expected to understand the FTU training mission, the student training mission simulators (located at the FTU or connected to the FTU) and AF Weapon Systems associated with the CyO and IO IQT.  Plan, research, and analyze the System Training Plans (STP), Training Needs Analysis (TNA), Training System Requirements Analysis (TSRA), Master Training Task List (MTTL), Task Analysis Worksheets (TAW), Training Task List (TTL), and provide a report IAW 39 IOS approved direction/guidance and timeline milestones.

ISD Curriculum Management:

Support the Government  in course development planning, project management, planning timeline for design and development of CyO and IO formal training courses, lessons, and related courseware material (e.g. a Gantt chart, critical path method, or other agreed upon project management process).  Assist in the development of Training Systems Requirements Analysis to include Mission/Task Analysis (MTA), Training Requirements Analysis (TRA), Objective Media Analysis (OMA), and Training Systems Basis Analysis (TSBA).  Help in the analysis of all tasks performed in the operation and maintenance of the weapon system; and assist in producing a Master Training Task List (MTTL) for each mission area.  Task Analysis Worksheets to ensure training requirements are derived by identifying Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes (KSA) needed to perform each task, and comparing the entry level of learning to the required Bloom’s taxonomy level of learning.

Instructor/Developer Training & Evaluation (Train the Trainer):

Operate the CCAF Faculty Management Database (currently STARS-FD).  Coordinate with COR/Government Lead  on student instructor training plans.  Provide the ability to identify the educational needs of instructors and developers.  Design and develop formal educational and training courses related to instruction, development and formal training.  Plan and conduct train the trainer programs, course, and seminars for instruction in ISD, instructor methodologies, lesson development, test administration, and classroom procedures.  Design and develop e-learning products, including objectives, storyboards, web-based aids or electronic performance support systems for inclusion into a learning management system.  Present information using a variety of instructional techniques or formats, such as role playing, simulations, team exercises, group discussions, videos, or lectures.

Course Management Administrative Support:

Provide administrative support to the course director and flight leads for CyO and IO courses.  Augment and support the FTU staff, instructors, and course directors in class planning, logistics, student support, and administration of CyO and IO classes.  Coordinate with the FTU registrar, 39 IOS/SO, and course director on student/class rosters, student arrival dates, security clearance status, and prerequisite fulfillment.  Arrange billeting with local base lodging for students.  Assist with registrar duties, ensuring class rosters remain up to date, coordinating with the 39 IOS Security Office to validate student clearances and arranging for indoctrination, and coordinating with IA and Help Desk for student computer system access.  Organize and distribute student welcome packages, seating charts and required forms and paperwork.

Technical Writing:

Apply ISD/ADDIE methodology and process to all tasks.  Assist in authoring cognitive and performance objectives and test questions.  Review curriculum IAW established 39 IOS SOPs, AFSPC & ACC Instructions courseware standards for grammar, voice, format, and classification.  Provide courseware documentation support for courseware developers.  Update and control the Master Course File courseware documents, illustrations and handouts as part of the CASC unique to each course.  Validate CyO and IO course schedules (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual) for completeness.

Project Management:

Coordinate with the host base and squadron project managers to initiate, plan, execute, and control activities within a negotiated scope and schedule.  Provide project management documentation, to include milestones, timelines, and funding requirements, for design, development, revision, and administration of FTU CyO and IO training (CDRL A0004).  Evaluate, define, and solve project management issues.  Perform project execution to ensure adherence to scope and schedule.  Develop and document the baseline for projects, decompose complex work activities into manageable components and manage the project baseline in addition to any changes.   Monitor and track project milestones and deliverables.


A minimum of an Associate's degree in a related area is required, but some positions will require a Bachelor's Degree

IAT/M Level II Certification


Gain and maintain formal training instructor certification, IAW Air Force and 39 IOS instructor certification criteria.

Earn Basic Instructor Qualification (BIQ) within 120 days of formal Date Assigned Instructor Duty (DAID)

Earn Full Instructor Qualification (FIQ) within 210 days of DAID

Earn Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) instructor qualification within 365 days of DAID

Maintain Instructor certification through no-notice and annual evaluations conducted IAW 39 IOS SOPs and OIs (Attachments 5 and 6, 39 IOS Instructor Responsibilities and Instructor Development Program, which include 39 IOS Instructor Qualification Timeline as identified in Table 1.4.2).

SME instructors must have completed a three semester hour Instructor Methodology Course (IMC) or at the convenience and benefit of the Government, attend and pass the IMC provided by the 39 IOS.

Secret and Top Secret clearance, which varies per position.

We offer competitive wages and benefits. We are currently accepting resumes from qualified candidates in anticipation of reward of the contract. Please apply by submitting your resume to [email protected]. From there, we will coordinate a time to talk in depth and provide you with further information regarding the contract.