Curriculum Media/Technology Developer

Metro Professional Services has an existing contract at the Air Force Language & Culture Center at Maxwell AFB, AL. and is projecting to fill positions for a future contract period of performance.  We will design, prepare, and maintain a variety of products, which support the center and its programs. These products may be incorporated into the Client’s in-residence, distance learning, and blended learning courses required for the civilian, enlisted, and officer education continua, as well as those required for expeditionary Airmen. We will use Client-directed information systems (e.g., the Client is currently using Blackboard and ADLS) to ensure timely and accurate execution of course support from course registration through graduation.. We're looking to fill a full-time Curriculum Media/Technology Developer position with an off-site work option.


Identify and develop media and related technology solutions to meet education needs or fill instructional gaps. Technologies might include, but are not limited to, voice-centered technologies such as compact disc (CD); web casts; instructional videos, digital video disc (DVD), interactive videoconferencing; virtual classroom environment delivered over the internet/intranet, and mobile applications, using some combination of video, audio, computer animation, multimedia, communications, etc.

Develop and produce educational products, which may include (but are not limited to) print, ebook, audio, audiovisual, multimedia, web, or other format products, and/or integrate existing materials into other educational media (e.g., in-residence to distance/blended learning).

Convert paper-based and/or in-residence courses into engaging, interactive, on-line, or blended learning formats.

Provide technical assistance in developing and inserting interactive media for computer-based EST pre-deployment instruction (currently delivered via ADLS) or other appropriate electronic methods. This contract support will include technical quality control of content delivery to ensure regulatory compliance. The contractor will load courses on the ADLS (or other appropriate electronic) server and will coordinate technical matters with the servicing Help Desk.

Maintain mobile application and content management system (CMS) functionality (e.g., compatibility with operating system updates, remediation of evolving system issues, etc.) and provide mobile application and CMS improvements (e.g., introduction of new features, addition of new content, etc.) as needed or as directed by the Client.


Bachelor's Degree



Demonstrated experience with Design and Display Software.

Web development and coding skills experience.

Strong proficiency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Ability to assist with maintenance and development of existing mobile app to support specifications and requests received.

Content development skills and abilities and working knowledge of curriculum learning management systems.

Navigate and utilize educational platforms as needed or requested.

Demonstrated initiative in being proactive. Ability to interact on a professional level with managers, clients, and all personnel.

Ability to work well independently; demonstrated creativity, self-discipline, and organization.


Working experience or familiarity with Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate.

Prior experience working in the military adult education environment; familiarity with language training programs.

Please apply by submitting your resume to [email protected]. From there, we will send you the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the contract to provide you with further information regarding the position.