INDOPACOM SME Research Analyst

Metro Professional Services has an existing contract at the Air Force Language & Culture Center at Maxwell AFB, AL, and is projecting to fill positions for a future contract period of performance. We provide subject matter experts up to and including the doctorate level (via reach-back) to perform research that the Client will use to develop policy and strategy on topics specifically requested by the Client.


This position will Provide INDOPACOM Subject Matter Expertise (SME). Personnel must be post-graduate level subject matter expertise (preferably on-site, but via reach-back if appropriate) to create academic content, course materials and educational products to support mission areas or topics specifically requested by the Client for delivery to its students.  Create and deliver academic content in cooperation with researchers, curriculum developers, and adjunct instructors.

Analyze specific subject areas by researching issues of interest for the Client, as related to their chartered missions.

Research Issues of Interest: Conduct research on broad cultural, regional, and language topics. Identify the competencies needed in these areas for students to meet current and future tactical, operational, and strategic requirements, the current shortfalls, and courses of action to address those shortfalls.

Provide support to Client staff, to include providing INDOPACOM SME research assistance oversight to students and faculty. The focus of research assistance oversight will be on enhancing competencies of students and faculty members as future tactical, operational, and/or strategic leaders or professors of future leaders, and to enhance faculty and students’ success in producing a high-quality research product, enhance their understanding of the importance of independent research, and enhance their understanding of new operational and strategic areas that they have been researching. The INDOPACOM SME work will involve teaching responsibilities to include assessing Airmen’s learning needs, designing/developing curricula, instructing students, and evaluating results. The position will involve designing and executing research using corresponding methods and collaborating with faculty colleagues from other disciplines and military professions to ensure the highest academic standards are met. Provide INDOPACOM SME input as requested by client for the purpose of providing and verifying that cultural elements are true, current, and relevant. For all research efforts, the contractor shall provide assistance to staff/faculty performing research, as needed, to include:

- Identifying relevant research topics
- Performing baseline research of databases or libraries
- Performing interviews
- Synthesizing data into meaningful tables, charts, and/or reports

As needed or requested, evaluate, grade, and provide feedback to students and staff/faculty as to the quality of their research work. Personnel will facilitate group research projects through mentoring, group guidance, facilitation of resource availability, and brainstorming groups and research sessions.

Work with Client personnel to identify and collaborate with other academic research organizations and sources of subject matter expertise to coordinate and share research of interest related to appropriate Center requirements (e.g., cross-cultural competence (3C) for AFCLC).

Perform research, coordination, and consolidation to assist with the formulation of tailored training plans to meet requirements ranging from Unit to MAJCOM level.

Facilitate group research projects through mentoring, group guidance, facilitation of resource availability, and brainstorming groups and research sessions.

Deliver cultural training according to parameters established via requests made to the AFCLC by units requiring the training and other emerging requirements.

Deliver research reports properly addressing assigned topics with relevant supporting references and materials within the deadlines established by the Client.


Doctoral Degree



Indo Pacific regional experience with strong academic background on China to support educational research products that are centered on cultural content
Strong background and experience in conducting research and documenting published sources into a Bibliography format.

Strong content development skills and abilities and working knowledge of curriculum learning management systems.

Please apply by submitting your resume to [email protected]. From there, we will send you the Performance Work Statement (PWS) for the contract to provide you with further information regarding the position.